Hair In A Bottle - Instant Hair Loss Concealer for Men & Women.

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    The #1 Instant Hair Loss Concealer on the Market for Men and Women. Now Available on Amazon!

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A Little About The Hair In A Bottle

The Hair In A Bottle is a Hair Concealment product for thinning or balding areas that can be used by all genders and is made up of 100% Human Hair. Within seconds of using The Hair In A Bottle for the first time you will be amazed at how instantly thick, full, and healthy looking your hair will be. Thinning, balding, and spotting hair loss in all age groups and genders due to many reasons such as age, heredity, stress, post-partum, illness, medications, hair styles, and products can leave many feeling self-conscious about their image.  Now thinning hair has never been easier to deal with.

About The Founder

Having graduated from Howard University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, I began my career as an analyst at Bank of America in Washington DC. I quickly moved into a more challenging role at Suntrust Bank underwriting commercial real estate loans. Last but not least, I then sat on the investment trading desk at JP Morgan settling international trades for large cap companies.

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